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Fraud Alert

To all students looking to register for IATA Accredited Travel & Tourism Diploma courses in 2018:

Please be aware that there are several institutes in South Africa who are falsely advertising their affiliation with IATA Training.

They are NOT authorised training partners with IATA and they are using IATA material without proper authority to do so.

IATA is looking into these cases and will be taking the matter up with them directly…

Don’t be fooled – Enquire with the IATA Local exams coordinator who will verify if the institute is legitimately an IATA Training centre or not.

Kindly navigate to IATA’s Training Website: to validate which training centres are IATA Authorised.

Your IATA Local Coordinator’s contact details are:

Hazel van Zyl

+27 83 6791134

(whatsapp messages are welcome)